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When we are going through recovery, the question of if being sober sucks is quite a common thought, and it is quite a dangerous thought. Early in my previous sobriety attempts, I used to think a world without alcohol was gray. It felt like there was no color, no joy, no life. That perception of the world would often lead me back to drinking. I didn’t want to live in a world without color. Why do people, who have been sober for years, behave inappropriately with alarming regularity?

  • This subreddit is a place to motivate each other to control or stop drinking.
  • That’s just the nature of existence – there are ups and downs on the rollercoaster.
  • … I’m not proud of it, but it’s in my genes.
  • What a waste of my perfectly good perpetual horniness.

Take some compulsiveness, stir in some chaotic mind syndrome, sprinkle on some childhood trauma, and finish it off with a heaping dose of insanity. I’m sick of NA/AA/CA…I’m sick of the boredom, the loneliness, the bullshit talk the same faces, the same story been told over and over again. I’m sick of having nothing to do, I’m sick of been in my own mind, I’m sick of watching everyone enjoy themselves without a care in the world.

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Just like that, my ears are more than just sunglasses holders. Nobody told me this side effect of long-term sobriety. Now that I don’t drink, I’ve been stripped of my alcohol-induced intelligence and infallibility. That’s why I talked so loud and repeated myself so often.

sobriety sucks

But I’m also going to say something else that might not be what other people in recovery want to put out there, but what I have found in my experience to be completely true. I remember when I was considering sobriety, and I carefully crafted my opinion of Alcoholics Anonymous. I was convinced they were just a bunch of sad sacks filing into damp church basements to sit on cold metal folding chairs to drink bad coffee and smoke cancer sticks while sobriety sucks whining to each other about their lots in life. I mean, who finds a group of empathetic people with shared traumatic experiences and tries to work through their issues through a set of processes with proven results over decades of trial and error, anyway? Who does that, when instead, we all have the opportunity to do the same things, over and over again, and just expect different results? That’s the key to successful alcohol moderation.

Here are some ways that you can combat the feeling that sober sucks!

Recently, I was asked this question in group therapy (the exact words have been edited as they were not fit to print). The person who posed the question felt she had been misled. She believed that, even after decades of recovery, some people were “still messed up and acting out their issues.” Residents of a sober living house are expected to participate in meetings. And yes, sometimes I get jealous of my friends that can drink normally. But now, I get to be the person who makes sure they get home safe from the bar.

The line of questioning began when Le Batard asked Yelawolf about when mentor Eminem chatted with the rapper about his drinking. I’m the only person who can control that, you know? … I’m not proud of it, but it’s in my genes. There are people all over the world going through recovery, and at some point, most will have these ‘sober sucks’ moments. Remember that you have made life-changing differences during your journey of sobriety, and it takes time to adapt.

Yelawolf admits he’s an alcoholic on ESPN: ‘Sobriety sucks’

You may have already found what works for you. Quit lit books might have got you through times before, so pick one up and take time out to read a little bit. Social media can be a great support system and there are always people out there to offer words of encouragement.

If you are contemplating that being sober sucks, try and focus on the reasons that you became sober in the first place. Focus on the positive things that being sober brings with it. Please remember that you have already achieved great things in your life for you and those surrounding you.

And I’m also the one who doesn’t wake up with a hangover. Below are some of the many benefits of sobriety that are worth considering when choosing whether to work toward sobriety and maintain a life of abstinence. Maybe utilise some of the online support groups available or talk to family and friends who know you and your journey. A lifestyle that you have worked so hard to get rid of previously – all from that initial thought of being sober sucks.

Each sober house has its own organizational structure. Most often, residents will work their way up in the living unit to gain more freedom. For instance, a new resident may have more chores and responsibilities at the home but as they prove that they are remaining sober and doing what’s right, they will move up the ladder and receive more freedom.