What You Need To Know About Branding Your Podcast


This is generally the primary query I will ask a person who’s soliciting my assist in launching their podcast. This might be the maximum critical query a brand new podcaster can solve.

It is a query most effective they could solve. And the solution to this query will manual them to success. Failure to thoroughly solution this query will nearly usually assure failure! If you say, “I need to attain everyone,” what you’ve got virtually simply stated is, “you’ll attain no one.” Many human beings, myself included, once they first begin out, again, both with a podcast or a business, make the rookie mistake of thinking, “I do now no longer need to exclude anyone. I need to make my podcast in order as many human beings as viable will concentrate on me.” It could be just like the antique “General Store” of a few small towns.


A little of this, a bit of that. Really excellent in case you wanted a fuse for a circuit container or to seize a position of tape and you probably did now no longer need to power 10 miles into a bigger town. But in case you have been searching to shop for a nation of the artwork television, could you cross into the General Store and study three-yr antique models, dusty and sitting at the shelf? NO. You could take the more attempt to discover a keep that sells TV’s – new TV’s. Latest and finest TV’s. Your advertising and marketing wish to be in an equal manner. Another rookie mistake is to promote it in an equal manner the “large guys” are marketing and marketing. Do now no longer try and replica different human beings’ ads! Especially whilst you are simply beginning out! They have large marketing and marketing budgets. They have the advertising and marketing departments. They have picture artwork departments. They have to get entry to budgets that spend greater on lunch than you do on marketing and marketing in a whole yr.

Do now no longer try and replica what they’re doing! This is called “mass advertising and marketing.” It is likewise called “branding.” That is an elaborate time period this is in play today. “Well, should not I be branding my call? I simply need to “get my call out there?” Let me positioned it to your want. How an awful lot of cash does “Coke” spend on their marketing and marketing in a yr? Magazines, invoice boards, television, radio, the perimeters of buses, etc.? Don’t neglect the essential wearing occasions both. Probably BILLIONS of bucks, right? That is mass advertising and marketing or “branding.”

The ultimate time you walked into a shop and purchased a coke, Why did you do so? What made you purchase a coke? You in all likelihood sold a coke as opposed to another brand (and I am the usage of coke, however in case you are a Pepsi drinker, it is the equal thing). You in all likelihood sold a coke due to the fact, subconsciously, that’s what you notion of due to the fact you have been thirsty. You did now no longer forestall to study all the alternatives. You did now no longer forestall to study the labels and evaluate everything. You did now no longer forestall to appearance up the clinical discussions to your clever telecellsmartphone approximately the blessings of coke as opposed to a bottle of water. You have been thirsty and reached for a coke!

THAT IS BRANDING! It prices Coke billions upon billions of bucks over many, many years, to acquire that stage of call recognition. That is the quantity of time, attempt, and MONEY it’s going to take to compete at that stage to “Get your call out there!” So do not do that! One greater short example… I experience golfing. The first time I ever went to play golf, I shot a ninety-nine score! That’s right, the first actual time I ever performed golfing, I shot a ninety-nine! When I inform human beings of this story, they’re virtually impressed. What I then explain is, I had an appointment and couldn’t meet my pals on the primary tee. I met them at the tenth tee. I shot a ninety-nine at the lower back nine holes. Not pretty as incredible now, is it? But, at first glance, it sounds incredible.

It seems like perhaps I changed into seasoned material… capable of exit and compete, with a bit of practice, in opposition to Tiger Woods and people PGA excursion specialists that shoot sixty-seven on 18 holes. Pro’s who performed golfing for years and years and years and feature spent a couple of tens of hundreds of bucks to get in which they’re at. If I could have determined to try and compete on their stage, it’d had been a depressing failure. They ought to hit their nine-iron farther and greater appropriately than I ought to it a driver