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Dragon Tiger with the best guess is impossible to do quickly online if you can understand and see all the comments on the dragon tiger in our game today. However, to implement a strategy to guess how the dragon card tiger is, of course, you also have to understand and learn to play sbobet casino with all sorts of bets in the Dragon Tiger game or sicbo.

Online Games at Dragon Tiger Sicbo are very profitable

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Now we will start to go into the discussion guide to play with some tips on how to find tigers with strong dragon cards, which you can try to apply when playing later.

Play for free Dragon Tiger How to puzzle Besides the most powerful cards

How to play tiger dragon online can be very similar to the baccarat game, which if in the baccarat game you have to guess the player or banker, while in this game you have to guess the dragon or tiger.


Another difference is baccarat if you can get 2 to 3 cards, unlike the dragon tiger is where the city will issue cards on the dragon and the tiger is also a map.

To calculate the highest for the lowest card in the game Tiger Dragon is K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace. In this game, due to several types of bets, you can play as follows:

Dragon: If you place a bet on the result of a dragon and the tiger wins, then you will be declared lost, but if the victory is a dragon then you will be paid 1: 1.

Tiger: If you place a bet on a tiger and the match win is a dragon, then you will be declared losers, but if Tiger wins then you will receive a 1: 1 amount.

Tie (series): In this game the dragon tiger, the link can be interpreted or draw a series and a high value of 1: 8 payment.

Big dragon: Players can win if there are 8 or more bonus new member dragon cards and the income for this bet is 1: 1.
Little Dragon: Players can win if the dragon card value of 6 or less and win in this bet the win is 1: 1.

Big Tiger: players claim victory when the tiger card is 8 or more and the payout win is 1: 1.

Little Tiger: For a player to win a Tiger card must be a value of 6 or less and win in this bet the win is 1: 1.

First understand all the explanations in the online game Dragon Tiger guide above before starting to play, on this occasion, we will also give advice on how to guess the card we are waiting for greatly helps the dragon tiger in the Sicbo game.