If you are an online seller and are using Paypal, you must have had a number of problems with locked accounts. I am a seller and I have had many other sellers tell me that Paypal’s transaction processing policies support buyers who lie about the whole process. Apparently, it just takes one complaint from the buyer to lock your account if you are the seller.

I recently sold a surfboard on eBay. I confirmed all the details about the buyer including his contact information and physical address. I got the money transferred to my account and immediately send it through USPS mail. After 2 days, I got confirmation that that product was received by the buyer and they gave the name correctly. However, the buyer lied to Paypal that he never received the product and filed a complaint against me.

I only got to know about this after 2 days when I found my account was locked. At first, I didn’t know why I found a locked account and upon asking, they told me about the buyer’s complaint stating that I did not send the product after payment. Upon receiving the email, they immediately locked up my funds and I am desperate to get my money back.

My big problem with the whole thing is that they didn’t even bother to check with me regarding the situation. They did not want to hear both sides of the story. I don’t know how they assume that the buyer is always right. Is the seller inherently evil and fraudulent? I have sold hundreds of products through Paypal and I have “not sent” an item after I got paid. Even then, they wouldn’t listen to me.

What’s more, I had about $7000 in the Paypal account and now all of it is locked. It is as good as losing the money and not to forget the hundreds of hours that I have spent with them on the phone. All in all, this is the most frustrating thing that I have experienced in my life, and Paypal is responsible for all of it.

I seriously do not like the way they do transaction processing and I am looking for a Paypal alternative. Please help me in any way you can. If you know a good payment processing service, please post it here, so I can check it out and get rid of PayPal.