Websites are the tools that are solely responsible for empowering your business and establishing a solid online presence.
As your site is as important an asset for your business as your inventory, vision and staff and helps you establish a solid online presence, bolster your brand identity and attract more customers to your business, you should not cut on any corner in this regard.
WordPress is the most popular platform to build your website on. Over 70% of the web thrives on this platform.
But how would you know if you have made the right choice or not!
Well, if you are still trying to deduce what traits are essential for being the perfect WordPress developer then here are some tips. Just take a look.
  • Great Provider of Solution – WordPress developer offers a complete array of services that are essential to WordPress like the design, custom plugin development, customization of theme and much more. Even though WordPress offers easy theme management but with the right developer you can get a complete solution that is devoid of loopholes and blends with the business model of yours perfectly. In short the right solution provider should be able to offer the tailor-made site for your business that truly reps your brand.
  • Different Skillset and Experience besides Having Knowledge on WordPress – The WordPress experts that you choose must have a thorough knowledge about the WordPress and the online presence of sites. They must also know about Fireworks and Photoshop, site hosting, UI/UX design and also have some basic knowledge about the search engine optimization.
  • Good Reference – A majority of businesses cannot achieve the project that caters to their business goals. The WordPress developer’s negligence has a key role in case of such a mishap. That is why it is vital to speak to your network and gain references. You should also speak with the previous clients which will help you understand the work process of the developers.
  • Quality Portfolio – A proficient WordPress developer should be able to offer an exquisite portfolio of previous projects that he or she has accomplished. Without a proper portfolio, you are at the risk of appointing a freelancer who is inexperienced and may have begun working in web development niche just recently.
  • Fast Response Time – You should evaluate whether you are getting timely responses to emails when you are hunting for reliable WordPress developer or developer team. A lot of web designers can be managing a lot of projects at the same time. So they are not able to respond to mails immediately. But the developer or the team should not take more than 24 hours to respond to your query. If you observe a delayed response at the time of the initial conversation, the probability is high that they will take even a longer time when you are working together.
  • Value and Cost – This is one of the most potent factors to consider. Cost is undoubtedly one of the major problems at the time of appointing WordPress web designers. But if you want to cut the costs now, chances are that you will regret it later. Then how will you set the budget of your web design? It is not so complex. Just assess how much you spent already. Analyse the amount you invested in the previous year or last 5 years for the promotion of the brand through other forms of media like banner, radio, pamphlets or anything else. Also ask your developer to provide an estimate of the turnaround time or the time when you will start getting the ROI. Keep it in mind that it is not just the cost but the value that you get. So you should do a bit of research prior to making a hefty decision.