In the face of the global warming issue, different sectors in the global community are joining hands so as to protect the environment. Not only government agencies and private companies are involved in the drive for a cleaner and safer planet. Even private individuals are now offering their support and help in the development of newer technologies that would aid in the production of alternative fuels. These groups and individuals are helping out by donating money for the cause of some institution or company. Furthermore, civilians all around the world are doing their share in the protection of the environment by opting for cars that are environment-friendly.

In the recent AIADA newsletter, Edward Lapham, the Executive Editor of Automotive News, stated that car manufacturers around the world are showing their dedication to the protection of the environment. Among the major product development issue that these auto makers address are the reduction of CO2 emissions of their vehicles, and the global warming issue. The players in the automobile production industry are also committed to the reduction of petroleum products being burned – both in the production process and in the vehicles that they produce.

As a concrete example of this, the Geneva International Auto Show which will be held next week will host the unveiling of many green cars. Among the auto makers that will showcase their environment-friendly vehicles at the event are BMW, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, and Daihatsu. These carmakers along with others are going to showcase the fruits of their effort in the development of green cars. The drive to produce such cars is an effort to stop further destruction of the planet, as efficient as an EBC rotor is in stopping a vehicle.

The labors put into the development of green cars by automakers are being noted not just in their turf but also around the world. Case in point is the Toyota Prius, the hybrid electric vehicle which has captured the attention not only of Japanese motorists but also of American motorists. Aside from that, another country in which the Prius is being favored against other green vehicles in Germany. Renate Kuenast, the Chairman of the Green Party in the German Parliament, surprisingly endorsed the Toyota Prius to his countrymen. This comes as a surprise since Germans are known for the production of clean cars, too, and are very well known for being proud of their products. Although the difference is that they specialize in the production of vehicles equipped with diesel engines. It should be noted that with the advancement in technology, European carmakers have been using diesel engines which produces the same or even fewer greenhouse gases than gasoline engines. In fact, luxury cars in the European automobile market are sometimes equipped with diesel engines.