Marketing as we all know is one of the most essential things for the promotion of any product or service. It is essential for you to make your customers aware of the product or the services that you are selling. And for this reason, there is a need to communicate with the people. These days no other communication method other than personal contact can offer better results. If you contact your customers or rather to say if your salespersons contact your customers personally, nothing can be better than that for the promotion of your product. And in this field, several methods are also applied.

These days mobile marketing technology is the most popular means of communication with your customers as these days you can find mobile in almost every pocket. Even there are other methods like telephonic conversation or email marketing these are also quite popular means of communication but not as effective as SMS marketing or Bluetooth marketing.

SMS and Bluetooth marketing are the most recent addition in the list of methods of marketing strategy. If we take the example of SMS marketing technology for discussion it can be said that SMS marketing is the most useful and the cheapest means of communication with your customers. This is a procedure where specific messages from a particular company are sent to certain mobile numbers. This marketing strategy is considered as the most effective because with the help of the SMS marketing technique you can send your message directly to the customer’s handset and as thus you can reach your customer instantly and there is no need for your customer to check his email to receive his message as in case of the email marketing.

On the other hand, this is a better method than the telephonic conversation. As for the telephonic conversation you can never know in what state your customer is when you are going to call him. Therefore if your customer is too busy the time you call him you may disturb him by doing that. But if you send an SMS instead then this problem of disturbing your customer can easily be avoided as the SMS gets stored in the customer’s handset and he can read the message anytime he thinks appropriate.

There is also another advantage of SMS marketing. The SMS is considered to be a spam-free means of communication therefore it is more certain that your message would be duly delivered. With the bulk SMS facility, you can send the same message to several customers all that at the same time. And as the SMS service uses the store and forward method, therefore, the message you send does not go straight to the customer’s handset, instead, it gets stored in the SMSC server and then it is delivered. In this way if the customer is not within the range or his mobile is not switched on then the message can wait in the SMSC server and is delivered only when the customer comes within the range or turns on his mobile. Thus the SMS marketing better than any other means of communication.