In many podcast interviews, I regularly get asked, “What’s the fine management fashion?” I answer, “It’s now no longer a lot a fashion we want, however, one or greater archetypes. Archetypes permit us to completely encompass an element of management that we maximum want withinside the moment.” It’s a greater proper manner to steer.

The distinction between a fashion and an archetype is the distinction between placing on a coat and status taller: one is an affectation, the opposite is an amplification.

As Amplifiers, we need to end up with a higher model of ourselves so we can produce bigger – and higher – results. We need to make realistic and touchy decisions. We need to be sensible and compassionate.

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The archetype that offers this in spades is the ELDER.

To apprehend the archetype, we appearance first to what we can observe: tendencies and fashion. This offers us a window into the coronary heart and soul of the archetype, and the way we would completely encompass them rather than simply mimic them.

Here is an excerpt from my contemporary more than one award-triumphing book, People Stuff, approximately the tendencies and fashion of the Elder.

“As an Elder, we want to maintain gently our insights, experience, and judgment, understanding they’ve value, at the same time as additionally exploring and collaboratively locating answers. In doing so, we’re in large part guided via way of means of the tendencies of humility, interest, and care.


Elders are humbled via way of means of experience, now no longer inflated via way of means of it. Experience is certainly considered one of our maximum precious assets if we’ve got found out from it. Experience need to train us that the greater we recognize, the much less we recognize, and the greater there’s to recognize.


Curiosity is the treatment for arrogance. When we’re curious, it leaves us open to new insights and learning. Arrogance deflects learning. When we’re arrogant, we suppose we recognize fine. It blinds us to different reviews and perspectives.


Care is the default aim of an Elder. The Elder cares approximately the listener, approximately the impact, approximately their message. Harmony and peace are our last aspiration and aim. We take care with our words, take care with our relationships, and contend with how we display up and engage.

While we’re guided via way of means of those 3 tendencies, we additionally are seeking to percentage knowledge. It is a polarity: to specific knowledge and perception and sound judgment at the same time as additionally being curious and humble. The technique is Socratic and collaborative, who prefer to steer mirrored image with questions as opposed to answers.”